Healthy Feet … Happy Soles

We Can Help With:
•    Foot & Ankle disorders   
•    Knee, Hip or Lower Back pain
•    Custom orthotics
•    Orthopedically approved footwear
•    Custom compression stockings/socks
•    Physical Therapy
•    Sports injuries
•    Arthritic / Diabetic foot care
•    Heel / Arch / Ball of Foot pain   
•    Toe / Toenail problems
•    Corns / Calluses / Plantar Warts
Foot, Knee, Hip or Lower Back Pain - is often a symptom of faulty foot mechanics, aggravated stress, physical activity, sports or occupational injury, medical conditions and ill-fitting footwear.   The pain may be reduced or eliminated by professionally prescribed and manufactured custom-made foot orthotics.

What are Orthotics?
otics are used to treat and prevent injuries resulting from repetitive strain and the misalignment of your feet and to redistribute pressure points to alleviate pain from corns, calluses and bony prominences.  They are also prescribed as an alternative to surgery or for use after surgery to restore natural gait, balance and posture.

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